Which are the objectives of FAD-INS?

Support innovative projects in small and medium enterprises through the implementation of innovation vouchers.

Who is entitled to apply?

Small and medium enterprises from Catalonia, mainly from the territorial demarcation of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

Type of performance within creative industries?

The creative industrial activity should be in one of the following areas: audiovisual (audiovisual production and distribution industry, public television); fashion (brand management, brand segmentation strategies, internationalisation strategies); design (graphic arts industry, graphic design industry, architecture, industrial design industry).

Who can be a provider of the creative industrial services?

Persons and enterprises, which provide a professional service with the required
qualifications. The providers of creative industrial services (innovation vouchers) are obligated
to register at the Inventory list of creative providers.

What is the amount of the FAD-INS voucher?

From 3.500 to 5.000 €

When and where can I apply?

All the information regarding the request for accreditation can be found at Contractor profile of the Chamber